Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a nonconfidential, child-centered process designed to help conflicted divorced and divorcing parents while also helping courts determine the best interest of the children. This approach can be considered when parties are in high conflict and are unable to productively communicate between themselves, making mediation an ineffective option.

A parenting coordinator is a person appointed by the court for a specific term to help parties implement parenting time orders and to help resolve parenting disputes that fall within the scope of issues identified in the court’s order.

Parenting coordinators make temporary decisions regarding matters that appear in the order of appointment, including: transportation, child transfers, vacation schedules, child discipline, health care management, child care, and school-related matters.

A parenting coordinator can only be engaged by stipulation of the parties. The parenting coordinator’s recommended resolution of issues is binding only upon stipulation of the parties; otherwise, the recommendations may be reviewed by a judge and adopted by court order.